Guide to Houston Design Build Process

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Houston design build offers many benefits for your construction project.

Houston design build is a popular option for commercial and industrial construction. As you likely know, construction has many phases and tasks to go from vision to reality for your building. It helps many building owners to know the different phases of construction when working with an experienced design build firm. 

What is Houston Design Build?

First, what is design build? This is a type of project delivery for Houston commercial construction. It’s a revolutionary way to complete a construction project and is quickly becoming standard in the industry. 

Houston design build projects involve hiring just one firm for every part of your project. Rather than hiring a separate architect and then a construction contractor, design build means you work with one company with specialists for both design and construction. 

This offers many advantages for building owners. First, you only have one contract, which simplifies practically everything. Just one party is responsible for your entire project. Therefore, it’s easier to hold the firm accountable for your construction project. Also, design build often reduces construction costs and decreases construction timelines. This is because the team is incentivized to keep everyone on the same page and keep the project moving. 

Design Build Phases in Houston Commercial Construction

As with any other construction project, design build projects have many different phases. These construction phases look similar to the traditional design bid build method, but more streamlined. 

The first phase is choosing the right Houston design build firm for your project. You want a team with experience in the type of construction you need and who has a proven record of high quality, on-time, and on-budget completions. 

Once you choose the contractor for your project, we move onto the planning phase. This is where we discuss what you need from the building, your total budget for the project, and when you would like the building completed. All this information is finalized later, but planning is the foundation on which we create building designs and construction procedures. 

The design phase of the construction process involves your design team creating drawings of your building based on your feedback in the planning phase. This is also where your construction team chooses various materials that will play an important part in estimating for your project. 

The pre-construction phase is where your design build team procures everything we need for construction, including permits and materials. This is also where we finalize the budget and schedules based on the design for your building. 

During the construction phase, your design build team takes your design and turns it into a reality. We also manage all the necessary subcontractors for quality assurance and controlling budgets and timelines. 

Post-construction, we complete a walk-through with you through your new building. This is also where you give us a punch list of final details to complete or change before you move in. 

Turnkey Construction Services from GRA – Gulf Coast Construction

If you’re constructing a building in the Greater Houston area, our team at GRA – Gulf Coast Construction is here for you. We are an experienced turnkey contractor offering design build services for a wide range of projects, including Houston LEED construction. We are your trusted experts for all your construction needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our construction pros. 

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