Houston Metal Building Construction for Warehouses

construction workers on site for Houston metal building construction for new warehouse build

Houston metal building construction offers many advantages for new warehouse builds.

Building a warehouse? Consider Houston metal building construction for your needs. Metal buildings are made of steel and offer many advantages for your warehouse project. In this article, we’ll discuss why you should choose steel buildings for warehouses and some design considerations to help your project perfectly suit your needs. 

Why Choose Houston Metal Building Construction for Your Warehouse Build?

Traditionally, warehouses were constructed of concrete, typically through tilt wall construction. However, Houston metal building construction is becoming a more popular choice for many projects. There are several benefits of choosing a steel building for your warehouse

Some advantages include:

  • Fast Construction: Metal buildings are incredibly fast to build, taking just weeks or months. 
  • Cost-Effective Construction: Houston metal building construction is also a cost-effective option, as these buildings are inexpensive to construct. 
  • Durable: Another great reason to choose metal buildings for your Houston warehouse construction project is that they are durable and low-maintenance. They resist fire, pests, and extreme weather. As far as maintenance, they typically only require a basic cleaning and repainting from time to time. 
  • Clearspan Building: Also, unlike many other construction options, steel buildings offer options for clearspan design, which means wide open floor space without support columns that can get in the way of your storage and equipment needs. 

Things to Consider for Houston Warehouse Construction

With any construction project, there are many things to consider for design and construction. Your Houston industrial construction contractors can help walk you through the process of design and construction, but there are some things you can start thinking about before contacting our design build firm. 

One of the first details you need to know for construction is what type of warehouse you need. Some examples include cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, storage warehouses, and consolidation warehouses. Understanding the type of warehouse you need will inform many areas of construction. 

In addition, it’s important for your construction pros to understand what your warehouse will store and the types of equipment you need. This helps us determine the amount of space you need, the floor plan, and the built-in storage solutions you have. For instance, do you need wide aisles between storage shelves to accommodate forklifts or even AS/RS (automated storage & retrieval system) machinery? Is there a specific way you need to store goods in your warehouse? This is all important to know before discussing Houston metal building construction for your new warehouse. 

Also, you need to consider solutions for transportation. Most warehouses include large bay doors that allow commercial trucks to back in and receive shipments. You’ll need to know the most common type of commercial trucks that will come to your facility (for instance, box cars or semi-trucks) and how many doors you will need for smooth operations. 

No matter your facility’s needs, our experts can help you design and build the perfect warehouse space through our turnkey construction services.

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