What is Progressive Design Build Construction?

Collaborative team sitting around table working on plans for design build construction

The design build construction process improves team collaboration and accountability.

Progressive design build construction is a newer, more efficient way of building. It’s a collaborative process that can help with everything from pre-construction to post-construction phases. This approach can save time and money while ensuring a high-quality result. If you’re considering a construction project, progressive design build in Houston may be the right option for you.

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What is Progressive Design Build Construction?

Progressive design build construction is an alternative delivery method to traditional design-bid-build that allows a construction project to move more quickly and efficiently. This model is ideal for projects that require improved collaboration throughout the construction process. Instead of subcontracting each component separately as in design-bid-build, a single entity takes ownership of conception, design, engineering, construction, and delivery. The design build team works together through all stages of the project to ensure that the received product is custom tailored to the needs of its owner. As a result, construction offers faster completion times, lower costs, and fewer risks than operating within a strictly traditional framework.

Progressive Design Build vs. Traditional Design Build

Progressive design build is a commercial construction approach that offers a different approach when compared to traditional design build. It generally involves the contractor in the very early stages of a construction project. They help with preconstruction services like budgeting and land acquisition. In addition, they help with construction services like building design and construction management.

By contrast, traditional design build in Houston generally starts after you have the land and a basic budget and timeline in mind. The contractor then helps finalize designs and get started on construction.

Benefits of Progressive Design Build for Your Commercial Construction Project

Progressive design build offers a variety of benefits to those embarking on commercial or industrial construction projects. It allows for fast project delivery and encourages collaboration between the owner, designer, and contractor from the initial planning stages to the completion of the project. Working with a progressive design team allows for innovative solutions that best meet the needs of owners and their projects. Cost savings are another benefit. Reduced coordination costs and clarified responsibilities save time and money and help keep the budget in line. Lastly, this approach offers better control over quality assurance because it unifies all aspects of project management. Thus, one team is accountable for meeting budget expectations while delivering high quality results.

Comprehensive Construction Solutions from GRA – Gulf Coast Construction

In conclusion, progressive design build construction is quickly becoming the go-to choice for commercial and industrial projects due to its streamlined approach. Designers and contractors are tightly integrated on the same team from day one, eliminating costly hurdles, frustrating misses of deadlines, and budget overruns. When you consider cost, speed-to-market, and great customer service, it’s no surprise that progressive design build is gaining in popularity. 

At GRA – Gulf Coast Construction we understand how to take advantage of every progressive design build benefit while minimizing risks. We’re ready to show you how our experienced staff reaches successful outcomes without sacrificing quality or safety standards. If you’re considering a commercial or industrial project, contact us now for a free consultation and explore what progress design build has to offer!

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