Trends in Houston Warehouse Construction to Know

Workers in warehouse after Houston warehouse construction

Houston warehouse construction is booming, so take advantage of the demand now.

If you’re looking to construct a building that provides a good investment opportunity, Houston warehouse construction may be right for you. Warehouses are having a major moment right now. Making sure you keep up with the trends can result in an income generating property through warehouse leases. In this article, we’re going to discuss current warehouse trends to know and how to use them to your advantage. 

Houston Warehouse Construction Demand is Sky High

The demand for warehousing space is booming right now. From 2010 to 2022, warehouse construction has increased by 1,400%. Therefore, if you’re considering Houston warehouse construction, now is the perfect time. 

One of the biggest reasons Houston warehouse construction is so hot right now is because of the boom in ecommerce. Ecommerce platforms need places to store products for quick, easy shipping to customers. Therefore, there are many last mile distribution centers popping up all across the nation. 

Since online shopping and ecommerce doesn’t look to be going anywhere, warehouses are a good investment right now, since the demand will likely keep growing. First generation warehouse space is also in high demand, so build now and take advantage of this. 

Warehouse Trends to Know

There are many current trends to know about Houston warehouse construction. For example, warehouses are getting much bigger as the need for distribution space grows. Larger warehouses are well-suited for distribution centers for some of the biggest brands, as more and more invest heavily into ecommerce and promise fast shipping to their customers. 

Additionally, it’s critical to have really strong, durable warehouses. Many warehouses are now using heavy equipment and technologies to make processes smoother and even automate them. This means the need for buildings that can stand up to incredibly heavy weights and stresses, both on the ground and on the walls and ceilings for equipment mounted to these areas. Houston metal building construction may be a good idea for strength and durability for warehouses. 

Also, Houston warehouse construction needs to consider amenities that attract workers. Labor is a huge issue facing warehouses, so they need anything that can set them apart from the competition. One thing that many warehouses are now doing is incorporating better insulation and sophisticated HVAC systems for worker comfort, especially among increasing complaints about hot warehouses and heat-related injuries at work. 

It’s also important to note that warehouses are getting closer and closer to urban areas like Houston. Once again, this is because of the increase in need for space for that “last mile,” to get products to customers as soon as possible. So, when looking for the appropriate land, consider building closer to the city based on this trend.

Houston Design Build for Warehouses from GRA – Gulf Coast Construction

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