What is an EMR and Why Does It Matter?

safe worker on Houston industrial construction job

Worker safety and a low EMR go hand in hand on Houston industrial construction projects.

Workplace injuries are an unfortunate reality in the construction industry. That’s why workers’ compensation insurance is vital for protecting your business. But did you know that your insurance premiums are directly tied to your company’s safety record? This is where your Experience Modification Rate (EMR) comes in. 

At GRA-Gulf Coast Construction, we are a seasoned Houston industrial construction company that understands the value of safety.  Our commitment to workplace best practices has earned us a consistently low EMR, saving us on insurance costs and making us a more competitive choice for your project. Contact us today to discuss your industrial construction project.

What is an EMR?

Think of your Experience Modification Rate (EMR) as your company’s safety report card. It’s a number that insurance companies use to gauge your past safety performance and predict future workplace risks. The industry average EMR is 1.0. If your EMR dips below 1.0, it signifies that your company has a better safety record than the average.

An EMR higher than 1.0  suggests your company may be at a higher risk for workplace injuries.  This number is crucial because it directly impacts what you pay for workers’ compensation insurance. In short, a safer workplace often translates to lower insurance costs.

How is EMR Calculated?

Calculating an EMR considers several factors:

  • Injury History: The number and cost of workplace injuries over the past three years play a significant role. More frequent or severe claims drive up your EMR.
  • Payroll: The company’s size matters. Payroll figures are used to make fair comparisons between businesses of different sizes.
  • Industry Expectations: Your EMR takes into account the expected losses for your specific type of construction work. This levels the playing field between different construction specialties.

It’s important to note that state regulations can also slightly influence the exact calculation of an EMR.

Our Low EMR Matters for Your Houston Industrial Construction Project

Our commitment to safety isn’t just about protecting our workers; it directly benefits your project too. Here’s why our low EMR should be a key factor in your decision-making:

  • Cost Savings: Our low EMR translates to lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums. This allows us to offer you more competitive bids, potentially saving you significant money on your project.
  • Reduced Risk: A low EMR demonstrates a proven track record of safety. This means fewer potential delays due to accidents, ensuring your project stays on schedule and within budget.
  • Peace of Mind: Our dedication to safety reflects our overall professionalism and commitment to quality work. Entrusting your project to us means choosing a contractor who takes every aspect of the job seriously.

Experienced Houston Industrial Construction 

Whether you’re planning a new manufacturing facility, expanding your warehouse, upgrading a power plant, or embarking on a complex refinery project, our team’s experience in industrial construction and proven safety record make us the ideal partner.

We understand that choosing a construction company is a significant decision. If you value safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, reach out to our team at GRA-Gulf Coast Construction. Let’s discuss how our low EMR and expertise can translate into a successful outcome for your next industrial construction project. Contact us today for a consultation.

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