Houston Design Build: Cost-Effective Construction

Houston Design Build – GRA Gulf Coast Construction

Are you planning an upcoming construction project? Your Houston design build contractor can save you time and money.

When considering Houston design build construction versus design-bid-build, time and money are two major factors that may influence your decision. Generally, Houston design build services from your contractor saves you in both areas. Learn more about the benefits design build construction offers in time and cost.

Houston Design Build Saves Money

One of the main things you’re likely considering is how to save costs without cutting corners for your Houston commercial construction project. The design build process identifies costs early on to help you maximize your budget. With Houston design build, you know which parts of your project will be more costly and you can design your building and budget around your needs.

Your Houston design build contractor is also your main point of contact and is in your corner from concept to completion. During the design build process, your contractor is responsible for maintaining your budget and communicating with you regularly. Therefore, design build often results in your project being on-budget. On average, Houston design build saves you 10% of construction costs compared to the design-bid-build process. Therefore, you save more during your project by choosing a design build contractor.

Faster Commercial Construction Completion

Additionally, design build construction typically results in faster construction completion with the same high-quality construction that you deserve. Houston design build allows your contractor to perform multiple activities simultaneously. This means quick, efficient design and construction efforts and a streamlined process. Because your design build contractor is accountable for all aspects of your project, they identify areas that require the most work to develop the most efficient schedule possible for your construction project. Additionally, they are there to optimize all parts of your project, from design to construction.

Working with a design build commercial construction contractor also reduces the risk for errors and omissions throughout the construction process. During the traditional design-bid-build process, you must manage every subcontractor and coordinate their efforts. Unfortunately, this often leads to mistakes, redundancies, and oversights. However, with one point of contact who manages all contractors on your construction site, these issues are corrected early on before they cause major delays and budget overages. Therefore, design build construction also saves you time during your construction project.

At GRA – Gulf Coast Construction, we are a leading Houston commercial construction contractor offering advanced turnkey construction throughout our service area. Whether you need Houston metal building construction or warehouse construction, we have the solutions you need for your project. We’ve been serving the Houston area with innovative construction services since 1998 and have the experience you need for an on-time and on-budget construction project. Call us today at (713) 934-7797 to talk to our experts about your upcoming construction needs. We are here to serve you.

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