Houston Design Build for New Strip Malls

new strip mall built by Houston design build

Houston design build service takes care of the whole construction process from permits to final walk through.

Houston’s sprawling cityscape is dotted with strip malls, forming the backbone of many neighborhoods and providing convenient shopping options for residents. As new residential areas continue to be built around the city, there’s a strong demand for modern, well-designed, and community-oriented retail spaces within them. 

If you are looking to take advantage of these commercial development opportunities, rely on GRA Construction to take care of everything from permits to finishings for your new strip mall construction project. You can count on us for faster completion times, streamlined communication, and cost control—everything you need for a quicker return on investment. Give us a call to discuss your new design build project.

What is Houston Design Build?

Design build is a project delivery method where a single entity handles both the design and construction phases. This streamlines the process, avoids communication gaps, and often leads to faster completion times and cost savings for you. 

For Houston strip mall development, design build offers several advantages:

  • Customized Design: A design build team works closely with developers to design spaces that cater to the specific needs of the community and tenant mix. 
  • Efficient Collaboration: With both design and construction under one roof, communication and collaboration are seamless. This ensures your design intent is translated accurately into reality, minimizing costly delays and changes.
  • Budget and Schedule Control: Design build teams like GRA Construction handle cost estimating and scheduling from the outset, providing you with greater transparency and control over the budget and project timeline.

Strip Mall Design for Modern Houston Suburbs

Residents of newly developed suburbs want more than just basic shopping experiences. They’re looking for vibrant, engaging spaces that integrate seamlessly with their communities. 

New strip malls are incorporating features like outdoor seating areas for small restaurants; using energy-efficient materials and building practices to reduce environmental impact; and flexible spaces that can accommodate common neighborhood amenities like vet clinics, beauty salons, and cafes. 

Well-designed, modern strip mall units not only attract new tenants, but draw in customers to help keep the entire development busy, vibrant, and successful.

Experienced Houston Design Build with GRA Construction

As Houston’s suburbs continue to expand, design build offers a way for developers to quickly and easily capitalize on their new commercial spaces by developing modern, community-oriented strip malls. These projects can become vibrant destinations that enhance the lives of residents and boost local businesses.

Let GRA Construction take care of your project and create a modern strip mall that can contribute to the overall well-being and character of a new neighborhood. Contact us now to discuss your development opportunity.

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