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Your Houston LEED construction pros identify ways to help you earn your goal LEED certification level for your building.

Houston LEED construction involves designing and constructing buildings in a way that earns points for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. There are many benefits to getting LEED certified for your new construction project. However, it can be a complex process. Therefore, work with a team with specialized industry knowledge. 

Want to Get LEED Certified? Choose an Experienced Houston LEED Construction Team

One of the simplest ways to streamline certification is to work with a Houston LEED construction team. These professionals keep up with LEED updates and look for innovative ways to earn points toward certification. Therefore, if you want your Houston commercial construction project to become LEED certified, choose an experienced design build crew for your project.

Potential Points You Can Earn for LEED Certification

You can earn up to a total of 110 points for your construction project. Depending on the number of points you earn, you can achieve four different levels of certification:

  • 40-49 Points: Certified
  • 50-59 Points: Silver
  • 60-79 Points: Gold
  • 80+ Points: Platinum 

Your project can earn points in several different categories, the main five being: 

  • Sustainable sites
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy and atmosphere
  • Materials and resources
  • Indoor environmental quality

There are several ways your Houston LEED construction experts help you earn these points. For example, even simple things like choosing low-emitting adhesives can get you LEED points for your construction project. Small changes can make a difference in the points you earn from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Your Houston LEED Construction Pros can Help You Earn Extra Points

One of the major benefits of working with a Houston commercial construction crew with experience in LEED projects is that we can often identify ways to help you earn more points without changing the cost or scope of your project. One great way to do this is to target regional environmental priorities. These offer a way to earn extra points beyond the five main categories.

Regional Environmental Priorities

In Houston, there are currently several regional environmental priorities that may help you earn more LEED points. Some Houston regional environmental priorities for LEED certification include:

  • Optimize Energy Performance
  • High Priority Site and Equitable Development
  • Rainwater Management
  • Access to Quality Transit
  • Building Product Disclosure and Optimization
  • Outdoor Water Use Reduction

Your Houston LEED construction team can help you identify ways to gain points in these areas for your project. For example, we might recommend a design that takes advantage of sunlight to optimize energy performance. Also, during site selection, we can help you look into making sure your construction project will be within ¼ mile of transit stops to get points for access to quality transit. Additionally, for rainwater management we may recommend vegetative roofs or using permeable pavement. Therefore, our team can help you find ways to earn more points toward your goal certification level. 

At GRA – Gulf Coast Construction, we offer expert design build construction services for all your commercial industrial needs. Our team has experience providing LEED construction services. Whether you need a new office building or need Houston industrial construction, we offer affordable, practical solutions for you. Call us today at (713) 934-7797 to learn more and request a bid for your upcoming project!

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