How to Choose a Location for Commercial Construction

New commercial building being constructed in conjunction with Houston design build services

A Houston design build company can work with you to determine where on the property is the best location for your commercial building.

Choosing the right spot on a piece of land for commercial construction is a strategic decision, and knowing which factors to consider can make the decision-making process much smoother. This helps ensure the best possible outcome for your project. With Houston design build services, you can rely on expert insight throughout your project, from first determining where on the property to build your commercial building, to full construction. Contact our team at GRA Construction to discuss your project today.

Identify the Purpose of the Construction Project

When you take the time to define the purpose and outcome of your project in clear detail, this creates a foundation that can guide every decision you make throughout the project, from selecting a Houston design-build firm to choosing materials and finishes. Whether your goal is to build a new office, retail space, or restaurant, taking the time to clearly define your purpose will set you up for success and help you achieve your goals. Start by answering this question: what is the driving force behind your project? Once you have a clear purpose in mind, the rest of your construction journey can fall into place.

Determine Access to Transportation and Infrastructure 

Efficient transportation networks should be a priority. First, identify the best access point from the nearest road. The road access should be connected to the property in a way that allow people to drive to your commercial building with ease, while ensuring sufficient parking space and smooth traffic flow. 

In addition, it’s important to know where the service access points are for infrastructure like electricity, gas, sewer, and water. The main connection points should be closer to where you intend to place your building; otherwise, you will have to pay additional costs to extend the services to a different area of the property.

Analyze Nearby Sites for Advantages or Disadvantages

Analyzing nearby sites commercial sites to understand their property setup, and take note of advantages or disadvantages in how their buildings are positioned and located on the property. If any of these neighboring buildings are competitors to you, for example, if you are building a restaurant and there are several restaurants in the area, closely investigate their setup. There could be a different approach you could take regarding location or accessibility, that could improve the convenience of your building, giving you an edge with potential customers. By keeping a close eye on the competition, you can take advantage of the best Houston design build choices from the start. 

Price Out an Experienced Turnkey Construction Company for Design Build in Houston

When it comes to finding a turnkey construction company in the Houston area that can oversee a project from start to finish, the options may seem overwhelming. The best place to start is to evaluate both the availability and cost estimate for each general contractor you are considering. 

An experienced general contractor who can manage every aspect of the design build process is invaluable. They are responsible for everything from budgeting and scheduling to coordinating subcontractors and ensuring safety on site. So research turnkey construction companies in Houston and find the one that offers the best balance of quality and affordability for your project.

Houston Design Build from GRA Construction

GRA Construction is here to assist you through the process of designing and constructing your industrial or commercial property. With our turnkey design-build approach, we ensure all aspects of the project are handled expertly by a single contractor, cutting down on costly mistakes and delays. So if you’re looking for a reliable construction services provider in Houston, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a quote and start bringing your vision to life.

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