Permanent Modular Construction for Commercial Applications

Modular construction is a reliable method for cutting Houston commercial construction costs. Unlike traditional building methods, modular units are created offsite, delivered in sections and finished by professional contractors. The controlled factory environment in which modular components are made provides many benefits for businesses Houston industrial construction projects are also looking to control costs as they build new locations or add on to existing sites.


Construction time – Since a permanent modular building can be constructed while the final site is being prepped, total build time can be 30-50 percent faster than with standard construction. In addition, all components of a modular unit can be built at the same time. There is no waiting for a foundation to erect walls or need for walls to support the ceiling. Each part is constructed separately and then brought together in the factory. Building indoors also eliminates weather delays, allowing for construction in all kinds of conditions.

Less waste and messAll materials for modules are delivered to a safe, controlled factory facility where they can be kept out of the weather and away from potential thieves. This also keeps materials off the final building site, cutting down on environmental impact. Shipping all materials to a Houston office building construction site also lowers transportation costs and ensures that packing materials do not wind up littering an outdoor construction location.

Flexibility – Modules are less permanent than on-site buildings, meaning that they can be disassembled and rearranged as the need arises. They can also be added to existing structures, which cuts down on demolition and remodeling costs. This allows businesses to expand and restructure facilities as needed rather than having to take the time to build something new every time they go through a change. Size, style and layout are only limited by the restrictions of local building codes.

Safety and quality – Building modules in a factory environment allows complete control over both the quality of the materials and the safety of the finished structure. Builders and contractors are safer as well, since there are no variable outdoor conditions to create additional hazards. Modular construction adheres to the same building codes as traditional construction, so the final product is just as reliable as a structure made on-site. Taking a modular approach to updating existing buildings is safer as well. It cuts down on the amount of activity at sites that are in use, reducing the risk of danger to employees and residents.

Sustainability – The growing focus on sustainable materials and energy efficiency in construction fits right in with modular buildings. From incorporating alternative energy sources to creating a tighter envelope in the building to minimize moisture buildup, techniques employed during construction result in buildings that compete with their traditional counterparts in being environmentally friendly.

Modern Uses

This type of construction is being used for such diverse applications as Army training complexes, school campuses and medical treatment centers. For businesses, permanent modular construction can be a good choice for quick creation of chain locations such as restaurants and retail stores. The ability to put together the components of an entire building under controlled conditions allows for more regulation of the uniform appearance necessary to maintain a brand image.

Businesses that require fast access to office space can also rely on modular construction to get the job done. It is easy to create multiple sizes and types of rooms for work, conferences and more, making this type of building approach a versatile choice for all kinds of commercial applications. Permanent modular construction allows business owners to meet tight deadlines and get employees on the job faster than standard construction, all while delivering reliable buildings that match their traditional counterparts in every aspect of quality and appearance.

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