Project Delivery Methods: Houston Design Build vs. Others

scaffolding and building blueprint for Houston design build

Houston design build construction means we are involved at every step of the way for your project.

For any construction project, it’s important to choose the right project delivery option. Houston design build can offer many benefits for a wide range of projects. This method of construction has become increasingly popular over the last several years and is still gaining traction. Some estimate design build to be the most popular construction method for commercial and industrial projects. In this article, we’ll go over what project delivery options there are, some pros and cons, and why design build often beats out the rest for commercial and industrial construction. 

What is a Houston Commercial Construction Project Delivery Method?

First, you might wonder what “project delivery” means. Construction project delivery is essentially how you get the end result. It refers to the types of relationships and contracts held between owners, contractors, and other professionals involved with the project. 

Project delivery methods can have real impacts on your Houston commercial construction project. For instance, the method you choose may affect schedules, budgets, risks, and how much control you have throughout the project. It also will typically impact how much time and involvement owners must commit for the duration of the construction project. 

There are several types of project delivery methods. Some of the most common include design bid build, construction manager at risk, and Houston design build. Design bid build is the traditional project delivery method. It begins by owners hiring a design contractor to take care of architecture, engineering, and other building plans. Then, they send those plans to various construction contractors for a bid. Once the owners receive all the bids, they choose the project contractor. Design bid build projects require owners to manage at least two separate contracts, act as middleman between designers and construction contractors, and can reduce how much collaboration occurs between designers and construction experts. 

Construction manager at risk is similar to the design bid build process in that it separates the design phase from the construction phase. However, in this type of project delivery, the owner hires a design contractor and then has a construction manager evaluate the plans to identify any errors and give an estimate for construction. The construction manager is then responsible for hiring contractors responsible for construction. Once again, this can limit the collaboration between various parties involved with construction projects and owners still must juggle more than one contract. 

Benefits of Houston Design Build Project Delivery

By contrast, Houston design build projects offer superior collaboration and more convenience for many owners. When you decide on design build for your project delivery method, you hire one contractor who handles both design and construction. You have one point of contact, which is desirable for many owners. Because one firm is responsible for every part of the project, this can help incentivize not only collaboration, but innovation. In many cases, design build projects offer better performance for budget, schedules, and quality. While design build isn’t suited for every type of construction project, it is a versatile project delivery method that can certainly help with a wide range of projects. 

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