Houston Tilt-Wall Construction

Many of the buildings that you witness sprouting up over-night and that seem to almost magically build themselves. One day during your drive into work you can pass by an empty construction zone that may be dotted with cranes, then by your drive home from work that evening you will notice the skeleton of a building going into place. That skeleton more times than not is the result of Houston tilt-wall construction.

Tilt-Wall construction has become increasingly popular in Houston commercial construction due to the fact that it’s solid, timely, and less expensive than conventional or old school building methods. In tilt-wall construction, pre-fabricated concrete walls are erected in segments that come together to create the shell of the building structure, one piece at a time. Once the pieces are erected, they are joined together like pieces of a puzzle and before you know it, the shell of your new structure rises up to the sky as if by magic.

Projects Completed

Serrano Reality / S. Willow Place Dr.

Evergreen Tank Services

FBV, Inc.

A 25,000 sf tilt wall building with a metal roof. FBV is located in Brookshire, TX and scheduled to finish late summer.


Ron’s Homestyle Foods

Ron’s is a 31,454 square foot tilt wall with class A structural steel and a TPO roof. The building will have just over 7,000 feet of office with the remainder of the building consisting of storage, production, and cooler / freezer space.

Hydradyne – San Antonio

GRA – Gulf Coast Construction is working again with Hydradyne Hydraulics to construct their newest facility in San Antonio, TX. This tilt-wall project is 32,500 SF in total with a single ply thermal plastic roofing system and fully sprinklered.


Bayport North Spec – 9655 New Century Dr. Pasadena, TX. 15,000 sf Bayport spec building.  One of the first projects that GRA – Gulf Coast has worked with GSL Constructors.


Tracerco – 4130 New West Dr. Pasadena, TX The 19,975 sf Tracerco with 7,000 sf of office is being constructed simultaneously with the 15,000 sf Bayport spec building.  One of the first projects that GRA – Gulf Coast has worked with GSL Constructors.

Steel Supply II

Steel Supply II – 14100 West Road, Houston 77040 is a 70,000 square foot, tilt wall & crane served building with a metal roof.  Currently in the erection phase, Steel Supply should be completed late this summer.  We built their first building in 2008.

Architectural Drawings – PDF

Shipyard Supply

Shipyard Supply 903 East Beltway 8, Pasadena, TX. Design Build contract for a 63,000 sf facility for Along with the owner of Shipyard Supply GRA also worked closely with Travis Land of NAI Houston. The new location is the first in Texas for the New Orleans based company which has an additional location in Mobile, AL. Shipyard Supply provides hose & couplings, sandblast & paint supplies, welding supplies, rope & chain, pipe fittings & valves, as well as general mill supplies. This is warehouse/distribution.

Air-Sea International

18001 Aldine-Westfield Rd
Houston, TX 77066

A 50,000 sf design-build facility for a freight forwarding company. The new facility will approximately double the size of the current warehouse and yard and utilize about 5.5 acres of a 19-acre tract.