Houston Warehouse Construction

GRA-Gulf Coast Construction LLC would like to be the first construction firm that comes to mind when you are looking to build a warehouse facility or to build a distribution building. No matter the size or the scope of the project, we are prepared and more than qualified to construct any type of warehouse needed.

Warehouse construction has evolved over the past few decades and the technology and designs used today have become more cost efficient while at the same time requiring less actual construction time. Gone are the old days in which it would take months to construct a warehouse, with the new technologies and prefabricated components, we can have your warehouse up and functional in a fraction of the time that it used to take.

Completed Projects


Hunton Distribution

77,000 SF Hunton Distribution location on Dixie Farm Road near Ellington Field. The design-build facility will contain offices, show room and training room. Hunton Distribution is the distributor for Trane equipment and systems.

World Trade Distribution

World Trade Distribution – 2222 North Wayside Dr. will be expanding their current facility with a 26,000 sf addition to a 60,000 sf dock high warehouse we built in 2006. We will also add a 15,000 sf grade level warehouse. This is warehouse/distribution.

OFI Testing Equipment, Inc.

11302 Steeplecrest Drive

This project is a 36,000 SF tilt-wall building with pre-engineered standing seam roof. The building includes 16,000 SF of two-story office and 20,000 SF of air conditioned assembly/warehouse area, with an ESFR sprinkler system.

OFI Testing Equipment, Inc. (OFITE) designs and manufactures instruments for testing drilling and completions fluids, oilwell cements, and wastewater. OFITE will support the Oil & Gas industry worldwide from their new Houston headquarters.

Lindsey Furniture

12230 Northwest Freeway

Lindsey Furniture
TNRG Designs, designed this 40,000 SF two story building. It features tilt-wall paneling, well structured Class A finish as well as being 100% sprinklered.


14130 West Road

Marshall Hoffman
TNRG Designs designed this 49,250 SF tilt-wall building, with a standing seam roof. The structure includes approximately 9,500 SF of office/showroom space, will be a 100% sprinklered facility and will be equipped four 10-ton cranes.


Campbell Road

Four buildings comprise Campbell Road Phase II, containing a total of 54,000 SF.The buildings are pre-engineered metal structures with cultured stone and stucco façades. The architect is TNRG Designs.


16335 Central Green Blvd.

Hunton Group
This design/build project is the first LEED-certified project for GRA. The 111,000 SF tilt-wall building will have 21,000 SF of office space, a highly sophisticated theater-style training center, in addition to distribution facilities.


5603 – 5621 Campbell Road

Campbell Industrial Park
Six buildings comprise Campbell Road Industrial Park, with a total of 70,000 SF. The buildings are pre-engineered metal structures with cultured stone and stucco façades.The architect is TNRG Designs.


2222 N. Wayside

World Trade Distribution, Inc.
This design dock-high distribution facility is 60,000 SF in size. The pre-engineered building is protected by a dry-pipe sprinkler system.

PODS (Portable On Demand Storage)

18804 Kenswick Drive

Gulf Storage Partners, LP
PODS’ upcoming facility is a 54,000-SF tilt-wall structure with a pre-engineered roof. This Design/Build project is the third Houston location for this nation-wide company.


6922-6946 Signat Dr.

Signat Business Park LP
TNRG Designs is the architect for this 58,000-SF business park featuring seven freestanding buildings. The masonry buildings with glass accents are pre-engineered and range in size from 6,000 to 12,000 SF.


1771, 1773 & 1775 Westborough Dr.

Westborough Business Park, Ltd.
Completed 2007, these three buildings by TNRG Designs feature tilt-wall construction with glass inserts and a pre-engineered roof. Two of the buildings are finished for users; the third is a spec project.


6969 North Freeway

Auto Fit, Inc.
A.E. & Associates designed this 110,000-SF facility for Auto Fit’s wholesale auto body parts operation. The tilt-wall building has structural steel, bar joists, and a gravel roof, and was completed in March 2007.

PROSOURCE – Woodlands

503 Spring Hill Drive

PS Building Systems
TNRG Designs was the architect on this 19,000-SF office/showroom/warehouse for a nationwide wholesale flooring supplier. Completed by GRA-Gulf Coast Construction in December 2006. The building has a tilt-wall-and-glass exterior with pre-engineered long-bay framing and standing-seam roof system. 25% of the building is office space; 40% is showroom.


6333 Rothway

Ho Enterprise, L.L.C.
Edward I. Tsao Architects designed this 52,200-SF, dock-high warehouse addition for a major food distributor, completed in March 2006. The addition is tilt-wall construction with structural steel, bar joists, and a gravel roof. A sprinkler system covers the entire interior.

CROWN MARK – Addition

10881 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. S.

J&H Family Partners
As an addition to the gorgeous original structure completed in 2002, a new 34,000-SF warehouse was designed by Edward I Tsao Architects and completed February 2006. The building has a tilt-wall exterior and a pre-engineered roof system, and is 100% ESFR sprinklered.


9384 Wallisville Rd.

This 27,000-SF tilt-wall/glass exterior structure is home for a specialty welding-supply distributor. The design/build office/warehouse by TNRG Designs was completed by GRA-Gulf Coast in January of 2006 and features a pre-engineered roof system and 25% office finish.


4323 Greenbriar

PS Building Systems
TNRG Designs was the architect on this 18,000-SF tilt-wall-and-glass facility for this wholesale floor coverings firm. The sleek building, with its crisp, blue inlaid-tile accents, provides office, showroom and warehouse space and features pre-engineered long-bay framing with a standing-seam roof system.


5430, 6440, 5510 & 5520 Brittmore Park

55 Acres, LP
TNRG Designs provided the architecture for this spec warehouse and shell building project. Four tilt-wall-and-glass-exterior buildings, providing 56,000 SF of space, have a pre-engineered roof system. GRA-Gulf Coast completed construction in November 2003.


3665 Walnut Bend Lane

Hugh Payne
Edward Tsao Architects designed this 50,000 SF two-building complex which utilizes tilt-wall and structural steel construction. The entries feature stone and standing seam metal.


8410-8440 Sam Houston Pkwy. W.

Windfern Park, LP
Four tilt-wall-and-glass-exterior buildings by TNRG Designs were completed in August 2003. The spec warehouse shell buildings feature pre-engineered roof systems and provide 77,000 SF of space.


450 Lockhaven

Mario Cruz
Hooper Architectural Design Consultants and GRA-Gulf Coast joined forces again on this 25,000-SF office, showroom and warehouse space as an addition to the original structure by the same team. The tilt-wall building has structural steel, bar joists, and a gravel roof, and was completed in May 2005.


22008 N. Berwick Dr.

Norberwick Limited Partnership
Designed by Edward I. Tsao and completed in November 2002, this beautiful office, showroom, and distribution center features extensive architectural enhancements that earned it the award of Midwest Building of the Year 2002. The two-story center has a tilt-wall exterior with a Midwest long-bay, standing-seam roof system, and all 110,000 SF are protected by an ESFR sprinkler system.


10610 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. N.

Archive Partners, L.P.
To provide ample and 100% climate-controlled storage space for International Archives, Randy Taylor designed this 34,000-SF facility, completed by GRA-Gulf Coast in October 2002. The exterior is tilt wall and structural steel, with bar joists and a cold-tar roof. A sprinkler system covers the entire space.


5400 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. North

Shapar Razmzan
GRA-Gulf Coast Construction earned the Midwest Steel Award of Excellence 2002 for this contemporary 30,000-SF office/showroom facility. The tilt-wall-and-glass building was completed in October 2002 and features a pre-engineered roof system.


10881 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. S.

J&H Family L.P.
GRA-Gulf Coast and Edward I. Tsao Architects teamed up to build this enormous office, showroom and warehouse facility with extensive architectural enhancements designed to wow customers and present an appropriate image for this fine-quality wholesale furniture supplier. The two-story tilt-wall building, with its glass-walled entry and porte-cochere, encompasses 325,000 SF and features a pre-engineered roof and complete ESFR sprinkler system. Completed in March 2002.


13888 Westfair East Dr.

Cross River Overseas Holding Co., Inc.
Completed in July 2001, this tilt-wall structure designed by Robert Hooper, provides 52,000 SF of space for offices and efficient food distribution. The building is structural steel, with bar joists and a gravel roof. The interior space is 100% sprinklered and is equipped with a cooler and freezer.


450 Lockhaven

MC Tile
Robert Hooper designed this 25,000-SF facility for MC Tile to provide an impressive tile showroom as well as office space and warehouse capabilities. The building, which features tilt-wall construction and structural steel, bar joists, and a gravel roof, was completed in November 2000.


10415 Westpark

LCK International, LLC
This 31,000-SF tilt-wall-and-glass office and warehouse space by Edward I. Tsao Architects was completed in June 2000. GRA-Gulf Coast handled construction and 30% interior finish of the two-story structure.