Inspections after Houston Commercial Construction

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After Houston commercial construction, your experts help during the inspections process as well.

When planning your Houston commercial construction project, you may be looking forward to the end of construction. However, there are also many inspections that must be done post-construction for your commercial building. Your construction specialists provide expert guidance to help streamline the inspections process and help you open your doors as soon as possible.

Why does my Building need Inspection after Houston Commercial Construction?

You may need inspections before and during Houston commercial construction. For example, foundation and drainage inspections. So, why are post-construction inspections required? Inspectors must look at your building after Houston industrial construction to ensure it fits the design they approved during the permitting process. This is to help ensure the building is safe enough for people to occupy it. During the inspection, inspectors evaluate many different systems in your building. This is to ensure they are safe and up to building code.

Commercial buildings must go through an inspection before opening their doors for business. After passing inspection, you receive a certificate of occupancy, stating your building is safe to occupy. This certificate is also necessary for obtaining state licenses. Many financial institutions also require a certificate of occupancy before lending commercial loans. Therefore, inspections after Houston commercial construction are necessary for both legal and practical purposes.

Inspections You will need after Houston Commercial Construction Completion

Now you know the importance of post-construction inspections, you may be wondering which inspections you need after your Houston commercial construction project is complete. You may also wonder who takes care of these inspections.

Occupancy Inspection

State-licensed inspectors conduct an occupancy inspection for your commercial building. Your Houston design build contractor will contact the necessary officials at the Houston permitting center to schedule the building inspection. Inspections for certificate of occupancy look at the building structure, mechanical systems, HVAC and ventilation systems, electrical systems, and plumbing systems after Houston commercial construction completion. They will also evaluate your fire safety systems, such as emergency exit areas and fire suppression systems. The group of inspectors will look for anything that could make your building unsafe. This includes violations of building codes or local regulations. Once the inspection is completed, then you will receive your certificate of occupancy, which also states the number of people your building can safely have inside.

Other Inspections your Building may Need

In addition, there are other inspections you may need after Houston industrial construction. For example, local fire authorities may conduct a fire inspection to test extinguishers and sprinklers. This inspection also helps determine occupancy restrictions based on fire codes. If you are considered a special waste generator, then the Houston Health Department may need to inspect your facilities as well. Some construction projects that may need this special waste inspection include restaurants, auto shops, or any building that uses a septic tank.

Also, depending on your specific building systems, you may need additional inspections. Your construction specialists can help determine if your building requires these other inspections. For example, if you have an elevator in your building, you will need a specialized elevator inspection. Another common reason for an additional inspection is if your building has a boiler. Rather than trying to keep track of and schedule all the inspections you need post-construction, work with turnkey Houston design build experts for your needs.

At GRA – Gulf Coast Construction, we provide comprehensive construction services for commercial buildings. Whether you need an office building or a manufacturing facility, our team has the knowledge and experience you need for your project. Call us today at (713) 934-7797 for a free consultation for your project. We are here to serve you!

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